All Life is Vibration

All life is a song carried on the element of air.

We awaken every day to hear bird song gifted to us without exception, as an honouring of the new day before us. Most of us miss it except on those occasions that demands a dawn arousal. The birds know the ancient chords that awaken our world. These vibrationary sounds are our soul’s life blood. Our Ancestors placed vibrationary sound high on their skills set. The ritual of song was mandatory within all ceremonies linking humankind to the gods. Sound is a truly universal language carried on the wind!

In our “modern” way of thinking that is it, that is where it ends.

But when I first heard, through these deaf ears of mine, the strong heartbeat of a tree, astounded as I was, I knew sound as vibration extended to every living sentient being. And that sound was their life blood too. We are in all senses interconnected to each other through vibration. I was deeply involved in creating the Wihtyar tree essences and in my research I was drawn to the best expert in research and development of essences, Colin Kingshott, head of the vibrationary medicine association. I count myself very fortunate to learn all I could from him. He is both scientist and spiritualist.

On my second workshop with him, held at Fragrant Earth in Glastonbury, he showed us absolute proof, through the application of science that the trees are singing to us! He invented a machine that recorded the pulses from the trees which alters with wind, sun and even us passing by. The three or four chord song is at a pitch beyond our hearing, but Colin transposed these into audible sounds.

The effect is magical and uplifting. It is why, in my opinion, we feel at peace within a wood and also get drawn to our favoured trees, instinctively. It is because they are singing to us!

We combined the holly essence with that of its song and worked on healing procedures both with and without sound. The result was a marked difference in efficacy. Working with tree and plant essences while listening to their song became a deeply rewarding experience.

If we could see those high vibrationary sounds maybe they might look something like this:-

        somewhere The element of
          Air The element of
          Fire The element
          of Earth The elements

The Wihtwara ™, Copyright © 2017 Jan Harper-Whale