As human species we have a deep and abiding relationship with the element of fire. Our earliest Ancestors felt the heat beneath the Earth, saw the intense fusion of fire with earth, creating a new molten landscape to cool and give lifesaving food to them. And when the day dawned that saw them re-create that fire for themselves, we as a species became forever separate from the animals.
  We did not die out because of fire. We created ever more inventions, constructions possible only with the use of fire in their making. We honour fire. Our Ancestors created rituals around the element of Fire, seeing the sun as fire and a life-giver to all on Earth.
  The role of a fire keeper is a sacred one. When I was tasked with overseeing and caretaking the Eternal flame of peace in the centre of a stone circle built on ancient San ground in South Africa, I had to learn very quickly that fire, like every other element, is alive and conscious.
  To protect and understand it, a unique bonding needs to happen. The fire is never be allowed to go out, even in rain, and it does come down in sheets in South Africa. Looking for signs of change became a constant vigil and protection swift. Alone, with that fire, I realised after a while that it danced with my thoughts.
  At first I believed it fanciful imaginings, but I learnt to see the subtle changes in colour and direction.

  The stone circle was built like a giant zodiacal ring. And I would notice a train of thought was answered by the flames and smoke, which would flash suddenly towards a certain stone.
  Once, when hunger had overtaken me, I noticed a long train of smoke snake towards the entry stone, Taurus, and I saw my dinner arriving with one of the children from the orphanage! The old story of smoke signals being sent by Native Americans is true, though not in the silly fashion presented by Metro Goldwyn Meyer!
  Walking a candlelit labyrinth has the same transformative experience. The glow of many tiny lights gently guiding you to the centre reaches a deep soul level. A silent communion with the Ancestors and our Earth.

Blessed be Llawendryad

The Wihtwara ™, Copyright © 2017 Jan Harper-Whale

Dr Imoto 
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